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Bitcoin 2.0 – The concept behind the blockchain.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to go out into the world, thanks to its Blockchain technology that was launched to the world in 2008, to this day there are thousands of cryptocurrencies, all with the same bitcoin protocol.

Bitcoin Blockchain is safe and reliable, this is due to the thousands of “Miners” that validate blockchain transactions. Bitcoin 2.0 Understanding the concept behind the blockchain.

The bitcoin blockchain can not be changed in any way, however, within the blockchain platform you can create endless new platforms, always using bitcoin technology.

¿What can we do with Bitcoin 2.0? The name of bitcoin 2.0 comes from the change of the basic source code of bitcoin, this simple change in the source code allows the mining network that was “exclusive” of the bitcoin cryptocurrency to protect and validate external transactions.

The bitcoin 2.0 platform is a good way to make the digital currency more manageable, this code change will also increase the capacity of the network and make transactions faster.

Why create a new protocol for Bitcoin? The bitcoin protocol is unchangeable, there is no company in the world that has bitcoin control, or its protocol. This is why it is said that bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency. What can be done is on the blockchain of the digital currency change the source code to produce improvements. This change of the code is called fork, a bifurcation. In the development of programs it is called in this way when the source code is copied.

The bitcoin has an open source that everyone can access, bitcoin 2.0 is a branch of the code, this can be done by updating the existing code.

* These changes in the blockchain protocol are carried out by consensus of the miners throughout the world.