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Bitcoin falls to 6,400 and collapses the other cryptocurrencies

The Bitcoin starts the month of October falling and without yet being able to pass the bearish long-term trend that would place the cryptocurrency to continue with this fall in the $ 4,200 unit.

The bitcoin continues to show a clear upward weakness, however it refuses to place itself at $ 5,000. Since the beginning of the year Bitcoin could not exceed $ 10,000 and continues to oscillate between $ 7,000 and $ 5,000. In the short term we see that I manage to overcome the 20-day moving average and that the RSI is at 45 points without apparent definition, however the MACD shows a clear purchase signal in the monthly, so we can assume that the Bitcoin look again in the month of October to be above the 7,200 dollars.

The fall of the most famous cryptocurrency in the world, and one of the heaviest weighting in the world makes the other cryptocurrencies collapse, among them is Ethereum, which continues to record descending records.

A month to wait …

The United States Senate asked the SEC to find a way to regulate the market for new assets, the SEC will have this month to decide if it tries to regulate and give a legal framework to cryptocurrencies or extend the deadline until December. this year.
On the other hand, several countries are already beginning to treat cryptocurrencies as exchange currencies, the leading countries are Japan and Chile, while in Bolivia the use of digital currencies is still prohibited as a form of payment.

On the other hand there are several institutional companies that seek to lead the exchange of cryptoactives, to this we add that five new speculative funds in cryptocurrencies entered the market.

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