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Coinbase seeks to be a stockbroker

Coinbase obtains a green light from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The platform plans to become a stockbroker and with this, allow its more than 10 million users to trade in its platform.

Coinbase seeks to be a stockbroker

As transcended by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Coinbase obtained the authorization to be able to buy three stockbrokers, and with this to advance in the search of more clients, without ceasing to be an exchange platform. With the endorsement and approval of SEC Coinbase, you may purchase from Venovate Marketplace Inc. Digital Wealth LLC. And Keystone Capital Corp.

With these acquisitions Coinbase continues with its plan that its users not only exchange digital currency, that they can also do day trading or simply trading based on the value of cryptocurrencies without having to buy them.

¿Is the SEC’s approval necessary to buy these brokers? The truth is that no, the exchange company can buy the companies it wants, however, to be able to operate as a stock broker in the future if it needs the approval of the US Securities Commission.

¿Is the regulation of the cryptocurrency market coming? Everything makes it seem that the legal framework on the part of the SEC will come soon, since the European Union is asking the United States to regulate the market for digital currencies, Spain is the country that most strongly looks for a legal framework in place. where the national securities commission of Spain can act. Europe is not the only country that is looking for a regulation, from South America the CNV of Argentina declared itself in favor of seeking a solution to the purchase and sale of these assets. While the world is not decided, the largest Exchange in the world gets authorization to buy brokers.

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