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Colombia is to regulate the market for cryptocurrencies

Colombia is to regulate the market for cryptocurrencies

The bill that will be discussed in the coming days at the Colombian congress was held by the Radical Change Party Senator, Jimez Abraham.

The project promoted by the senator of Colombia aims to regulate the use of cryptocurrencies in shops and individually, in this way, Colombia would become the first country in Latin America with regulation and regulations for the use of cryptocurrencies.

The bill that has already passed the Chamber of Deputies has great approval by the country’s congress, this project also seeks that there is no “anonymity” in the ecosystem and seeks to deal with money laundering. In the regulation carried out by the country, also seeks to regulate the mining of cryptocurrencies and to register the miners in the Monotributo.

It was also learned that this regulation seeks to impose taxes on these virtual assets.

On the side of the countries of South America, regulation is complicated, but there are advances. Bolivia continues with the prohibition of the use of cryptocurrencies, as well as its implementation in markets and banks. Brazil gave a statement at the beginning of the year where the Central Bank of Brazil discourages investing in cryptocurrencies.

Argentina and Chile are currently evaluating a possible law that contemplates the regulation of the use of digital currencies. Argentina has a law waiting in the congress of the country on the regulation of technological companies and cryptocurrencies. On the other hand Argentina is already developing a blockchain for the use of programmers in Argentina, this would be free but without the use of digital currencies.

So far globally, Malta is the most advanced country in terms of virtual currency.

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