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Do not Invest in Bitcoin

The market of cryptocurrencies continues to take relevance worldwide, its growth is exponential. But the digital currency market not only grows in capitalization, it also grows in financial assets. So far the cryptocurrency market has more than 2000 currencies, this number will grow in the coming months if we count on the (ICOs) that are prepared to quote on the market.

Do not Invest in Bitcoin

This phrase was used by Erick Freums, international market analyst and manager of one of the largest funds in the world in terms of cryptocurrencies.

The phrase of this analyst went around the world, and despite having created a myriad of comments, the analyst referred to investing in bitcoin thinking about the blockchain and the capabilities it can bring to the world, but not in the digital currency and its growth.

So we invest in cryptocurrencies? DO NOT.

To talk about the investment in any cryptocurrency, and especially the Bitcoin investment, it is necessary to know what the bitcoin really is. If we decompose this cryptocurrency we will see that it is much more than a simple digital currency, it is a new technology in itself, created in 2008 and with a great acceptance worldwide in 2011. The bitcoin is really a large decentralized database with a protocol open to the global public. But this database called blockchain is cryptography, with more than 36 thousand lines of codes.

Bitcoin is not a simple digital currency, bitcoin is a new technology worldwide, where decentralization and the security of individuals are used.

Thanks to the bitcoin blockchain, a basic blockchain but not bad, thousands of new platforms and cryptocurrencies will be created.

Do not invest in bitcoin, invest in the blockchain.

With the release of the bitcoin blockchain to the world, thousands of platforms have come out that will change the world. Let’s see some.

Ripple: A digital currency that uses a blockchain similar to that of bitcoin to provide financial services to banks and companies, thanks to this blockchain and its XRP currency banks can make international turns in a matter of seconds at a very low operating cost.

EOS: Its platform is EOSIO and it looks for any developer in the world to download the software and create decentralized applications.

Ethereum: A platform that allows anyone in the world to make intelligent contracts in a simple and inexpensive way.

There are thousands of platforms and cryptocurrencies that use bitcoin technology to be able to give a service to humanity, that’s why, when talking about investment in bitcoin, you have to think about investing in the bitcoin blockchain.


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