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EOS the best cryptocurrency to invest

EOS is the cryptocurrency most watched by long-term investors, but this is demonstrated by data, the largest cryptocurrency fund in Europe has almost 500 million cryptocurrencies on the EOSIO platform. On the other hand, this cryptocurrency is also chosen by the Chinese market, so far minority Chinese investors have more than 5,000 billion dollars in their portfolios.

If NEO is called China’s Ethereum, the digital currency EOS should be called the cryptocurrency of the United States, since all minority and institutional investors have in view of this cryptocurrency and the platform.

EOS was the only cryptocurrency in history to enter the market with an initial market offer (ICO) that beat record, more than 4,000 billion dollars.

¿Why is EOS the best cryptocurrency to invest in the long term? According to analysts, the EOSIO platform will be unique for what it can give, a decentralized platform to create decentralized applications, exclusively for developers.

What makes it different from the others? According to market analysts, the EOS platform will be able to make more than 1000 transactions per minute, while in other platforms this is impossible, in addition to the zero-dollar cost.

EOS has a platform that allows you to download the software to every developer that wants to make a decentralized application.

So far EOS is the best investment? There are digital currencies that continue to develop their blockchain to give greater capacity and scalability. However, so far this cryptocurrency is the most chosen by long-term investors.

The best digital currency in the world? When the bitcoin came out to the market, it really changed the world, but it was not the cryptocurrency that made this change happen, it was the blockchain, which applied to different areas allows innovation and evolution. EOS applies the blockchain to create an ecosystem that allows anyone in the world to make decentralized applications, but the company that carries out this platform ( is not the only one making history using the Blockchain, others like Ripple with its digital currency XRP is also doing it, among many others. So far EOS is chosen by investors.

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