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In what cryptocurrencies to invest? The best

Are you thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies? We tell you which are the trendsetters now and which are the next ones that will do so soon.
Possibly if you landed in this article is that you are thinking seriously about investing in a cryptocurrency, well we will tell you something, at this time in the market there are more than 1,989 cryptocurrencies. And investing in all of them is almost impossible.
The majority of the digital currencies that exist at this moment are created under what we could call system “Bitcoin” is an open system with crypted protocol that is used for transfers.
The Bitcoin being the first cryptocurrency and becoming very popular in recent years rose in price in a very short time, but the truth is that right now they are creating and developing better digital currencies and some of them have a great future.

In what cryptocurrency to invest?

Ripple: Digital currency well known in banking and financial institutions around the world. This is a digital currency, it is not a cryptocurrency like the thousands of the market. Its tokens is XRP and Ripple is a company that unlike other currencies was designed especially for banks and companies. In fact, at this moment, large banks are using Ripple’s network for their banking transactions, such as Banco Santander, Bank of Tokyo, the largest Bank in the Middle East called Banco Nacional Kuwait, etc. So far more than 100 banks and other financial institutions use the Ripple system and its XRP currency. Why is Ripple so successful? Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the Ripple Labs system allows end-to-end transfers or intercontinental transfers quickly and efficiently, and at low cost. With the Ripple system you can make more than 15 transfers around the world in a matter of seconds, and all this for cents. We do not know the future of this currency, but the truth is that banks have already chosen it.

Ethereum: This is a cryptocurrency and one of the most famous in the digital currency market. Its system is based or similar to Bitcoin, however it is a bit more sophisticated. It is based on a public and distributed Blockchain network. It is similar to bitcoin but has its technical differences one of the main ones is that the Blockchain of Ethereum focuses on being able to execute the programming code of any decentralized application. Ethereum is based on intelligent contracts and capacity.

“[Ethereum] blockchain has some extraordinary capabilities, one of which is that you can build smart contracts, it’s something that sounds, it’s a contract that is self-executing, and the contract handles execution, management, performance and payment. “Don Tapscott

EOS: Many investors believe that this cryptocurrency will overtake Ethereum, which is possible. For its development more than 4,000 million dollars were invested. It is the cryptocurrency supported by investors in the United States.
Why is the cryptocurrency most loved by investors? Imagine a world where you do not have to pay for transactions, imagine that one day you want to make 100 transactions to a relative on the other side of the world and it costs you wax and it is in a matter of seconds … This is EOS. And that’s what it does, secure transactions in a fast and inexpensive way, and the main difference with Ethereum is that it can make up to 20 transactions in a matter of one second, while EOS can do 1,000 in a matter of a second.
EOS is based on intelligent contracts but with a decentralized Blockchain system.

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