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Investment fund seeks to innovate in Blockchain

Blackrock, one of the largest investment fund managers, adds to the investment in cryptocurrencies. But it will not participate in the purchase or sale of digital currencies, according to the group’s president the investment fund manager seeks to invest in Blockchain technology, the technology behind the digital currencies. 

Investment fund seeks to innovate in Blockchain

According to reports from the same group, the manager of more than 7 billion dollars in financial assets created a team to develop its own blockchain platform and make this new technology available to the financial group.

It is not the first time that an investment fund seeks to innovate in blockchain, last year the JP Morgan group created its team in blockchain development, and continue to this day in the development of a blockchain that acts as a bank, that allows international transactions at low cost.

Also since the signing of JP Morgan seeks the patenting of a new blockchain system for payments, as transcended in the media, American Express is seeking to patent the same system as the largest fund manager in the world, this blockchain system It is for international payments at low cost. The group that continues to take the lead when it comes to international money orders is the ripple labs company, its banks and banks continue to be added to its customer base, the last company to join its payment network is a technological company of the United States. Apparently, the Ripple company will have competition of the highest level in the coming months if the largest groups in the world begin to develop their own blockchain for international payments.

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