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What is EOS in truth -The Cryptocurrency

Let’s summarize what the EOS cryptocurrency really is.
EOS is the main competitor of ETHEREUM.
EOS focuses on scalability.
The clear objective of the company Block One is to develop a system for DApps and launches of tokens.
EOS is a Blockchain operating system.
It had more than 4 billion dollars in investments.
It will allow more than 1,000 transactions per second, while other Blockchain smart contracts allow much less, such as Ethereum that can reach 15 transactions per second.
Unlike the other Blockchain, EOS will be free.

Why do they all look at EOS?

EOS is chosen by the investors of the United States mainly and the world. For its development more than 4,000 million dollars were invested, its Blockchain system is based on being able to develop DApps and on token launches.

What is the objective of the company Block One?

The EOS project is to provide a decentralized platform, with a Blockchain operating system. Caring for cryptographic aspects and assuming authorizations.

Among the features of EOS we can find, which is more sophisticated than another Blockchain in the market, provides its own data base, this means that the data can be ordered in different ways.
It also has user management, and also, among all the positive aspects of this system is that it allows the execution of programs in parallel, for example, it is possible that Bitshares and Steem can run in parallel on the platform.

Then in a few words EOS Search the market:
1. Scalability: a large number of transactions per second. And at a very low cost.
2. Decentralization: a large number of actors involved in the process of production and validation of blocks.
3. Security: make it expensive to obtain majority control over the network.

You might think that any Blockchain or cryptocurrency system will be the same as EOS, but the truth is that this is not the case.

Eos is superior in many of the fields, especially in development.

Why is it said that it competes against Ethereum and not against other cryptocurrencies or systems?

Each of the Blockchain that come to market are designed with a specific purpose, Ethereum was created thinking about smart contracts, Bitcoin was designed and created to be able to digitize the monetary base and give “democratization” to the economy, making it participate all the world. Ripple was created for the transactions of the banking entities. All cryptocurrencies were born with a special purpose and little competition between them, but EOS does something totally different and innovative by giving the possibility that anyone is a developer, also the speed and cost of transactions that being zero dollars makes it look for the great world that invests in Blockchain.

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