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Strong bounce in the market-Bitcoin rising more than 10%

Strong bounce in the market of digital currencies. The Bitcoin rising more than 10 percent at half a day, looking for the next resistance at $ 8,000.

The cryptocurrency market is celebrating, great rebound to get away from the last weeks of casualties.

Among the main digital currencies that rose the most, Bitcoin Cash 21 percent. Tron 18 and Steller almost 30 percent.



The bitcoin surpassed the short term bearish channel, as we had been suggesting it was in over selling the rsi and the MACD giving purchase, exceeded the 6900 which was a strong resistance. Bitcoin’s next resistance is at $ 7,800, the rsi in weekly giving purchase just like the MACD.

¿How far will the Bitcoin go? This increase is driven by volume and good news, mainly the possibility that the SEC allows funds to invest in this cryptocurrency through an EFT. Also among the positive news are that several fund groups in the United States plan to start investing in cryptocurrencies, and also have their own blockchain platforms.

Another one of the cryptocurrencies that had volume to the rise was ETH of the platform of Ethereum


Ethereum (ETH) was also one of criptomonedas but hit in the last weeks, it knew to be at the beginning of year in the 850 dollars, and to touch a few weeks ago the minimum of 410 dollars the unit. At this moment, passing the $ 500 is outperforming the short-term bearish channel, however it would have to pass the $ 600 where it has a strong resistance in the long term. RSI giving purchase in weekly and monthly, MACD giving slight purchase in monthly and exceeding the 20-day moving average. The positive of the day was the great volume that the market had today.

Another of the digital currencies that rose strongly was XRP from the Ripple company, this currency giving weekly and monthly purchases. With possibilities to go in the short term to find the dollar per unit.

Cardano (ADA) exceeding the 20-day moving average and giving purchases at all times, according to the MACD. The RSI with a bearish divergence.

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