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Technical analysis of Bitcoin – Strong and with volume

Technical analysis of Bitcoin and the main cryptocurrencies

Good week of Bitcoin. I overcome with force and volume the 6500 dollars. He was able to stay above the 20-day moving average despite statements from the US Federal Reserve and Congress. In the weekly the figure shows a necessary rest, RSI reaching 60 points and Macd next to give sale. Next number to overcome by the bitcoin are the 7800 dollars a strong resistance, later they are the 8200, to surpass the 8200 dollars the bitcoin has a resistance in the 10,000 dollars.

The bitcoin had a strong rise and volume, technically needs to rest the indicators to overcome the 7700. Its strongest support is at 6700 dollars. We believe that in the short term you can find it.


Technical analysis Ethereum (ETH)

The good week of the digital currencies produced a significant increase in all the cryptocurrencies, Ethereum could pass with force and volume the 20-day moving average, however, ETH continues in the long term in a bearish channel that would carry the price of the cryptocurrency at $ 200. For this not to happen you have to exceed $ 505.

In the short term Ethereum has the indicators giving sale, RSI in weekly shows a bullish divergence in the week so we can believe that it will seek to surpass the 500 dollars in the short term. Macd giving sale. ETH’s strongest support is $ 450. To overcome the 505 dollars and break the downward trend that brings since the beginning of 2018.



Technical analysis Ripple (XRP)

Ripple, like Ethereum, are still in a bearish channel that began at the beginning of the year. XRP did not know how to get away from the big market downturn driven by the bitcoin crypto. Technically the weekly gives purchase and it is possible that it looks for to want to overcome the 0.55 dollars, a resistance that in the short term is strong. Its strongest support is at 0.40 dollars. For XRP to be released upwards, it has to exceed $ 0.70.



Litecoin: This cryptocurrency is buying weekly, so we can think that it will seek to exceed 90 dollars in the short term. RSI giving purchase exceeding 50 points and above the 20-day moving average. In monthly it is in a bearish channel, it has to surpass the 100 dollars to go to look for other prices.

IOTA: The cryptocurrency IOT managed to overcome with force the 1000 dollars. It has a strong resistance in the 1250 dollars, so we can believe that it will take a break before trying to overcome it. RSI starting to show weakness in the weekly and MACD for selling weekly and monthly. The positive thing about IOTA is that the volume is accompanying this cryptocurrency, so we can think that it will rest and try to overcome the 1250 dollars.

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