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The cryptocurrencies in the G20

The G20 will not talk about cryptocurrencies

The market for cryptocurrencies is ending a bad 2018, the market is still looking for new lows and can not get close to the bearish trend line that would break new horizons.

But the world is convulsed and it is logical that the main leaders of the world prefer to talk about more important things that could lead to a catastrophe in the world.

The G20 will not talk about cryptocurrencies

On the one hand, this meeting will have as a fundamental axis Trump and his Chinese counterpart trying to reach an agreement on the trade war imposed by the United States, but followed with force Xi Jinping the president of the Chinese People’s Republic.

Failure to reach an agreement between the two world powers, according to analysts, would deepen the commercial war that actually hides a currency war camouflaged between the powers.

But the president of the United States will have other complications in the front that he will have to assume, one of these complications is the rise of rates in the United States by the federal reserve, which would make the yield of the American bonds continue to rise , and positioning the dollar as the strongest currency, however, on the other hand, the fall of employment in the United States.

If in December the Federal reserve decides to raise the rates, it would complicate the Argentine that already owes the international monetary fund more than 67 billion dollars, making this country have to devalue in order to fulfill its obligations and forcing the countries of Latin America to follow the same path.

The G20 promises to speak, will be the top leaders of the world trying to grow the economies of their countries without closing the world, in a hyper-indebted world.

Are cryptocurrencies not a fundamental axis? A part of the United States if you want to discuss this issue and deepen your exchange, on the one hand we have the congress and on the other side the SEC, however Trump has more important issues to deal with, but we can think that at some point he will have to talk about the possibilities for the United States to allow the use of cryptocurrencies for basic transactions.

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