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The Cryptocurrencies with more future according to analysts

Talking about the future of cryptocurrencies is complicated, so we will talk about what lies behind the cryptocurrencies and what gives a real value to digital currencies … The Blockchain, the technology that will change the world without a doubt.
There are several cryptocurrencies with a future, in the digital currency market there are more than 2000 cryptocurrencies at the moment, all of them are part of the Blockchain technology, however, some of them do not have any innovative products behind them, nor do they seek to create a service for the humanity. While other digital currencies are the opposite, they have innovative technology and seek to satisfy some need that exists in humanity.

The following list was prepared by fundamental analysts from the Blockchain world, including Erick Fraum, head of financial assets for Investing Grup LATAM. Joseuf Mairller of Investments in cryptocurrencies finance.

Let’s see what are the cryptocoins with more future according to international analysts.
Ripple and its currency XRP: Ripple is a company known for providing services to financial institutions and banks. The ripple company was created with this purpose, to be able to provide an international service of money orders and transactions to banks and financiers around the world. So far the ripple company has as clients giants in the financial industry, among them we can highlight the bank Santander, the bank of Tokyo, the largest bank in the Middle East Bank of Kuwait, the largest bank in India etc. At this moment, Ripple provides services to more than 150 banks and financial entities.

What service does ripple provide and why does your cryptocurrency have a future? For starters we can say that Ripple does not have a cryptocurrency, it is a centralized digital currency. Its blockchain provides international wire services quickly and at low cost, and the future of this digital currency (XRP) is large, and possibly in the future all banks will make international drafts with this currency.

IOTA (MIOTA): This platform is the one chosen by the large multinationals and technology companies. IOTA technically allows people and “machines” (computers) to transfer money, or data, without any fee for the transaction. In addition, this platform does not need authorizations or permits as other platforms such as the Blockchain of Bitcoin or Ethereum need. IOTA does not need any intermediary and its platform is decentralized.

Who develops the IOTA platform? There are several developers that form the IOTA foundation. It is a non-profit platform.

Cardano (ADA): The platform of Cardano is called as “The sophisticated Ethereum” and it simply is, Cardano does not have the technological failures that Ethereum has. It is also worth remembering that Cardano was designed by the same creator of Ethereum.

What sets the Cardano platform apart? The Cardano ecosystem seeks to create smart contracts with a protozoo much more advanced than others. Thousands of developers and researchers from around the world work on the Cardano platform.

NEO: This platform is considered as “The Ethereum of China” and it can certainly be said that the NEO platform is technologically much more advanced than the Ethereum platform.

What does NEO do? The NEO Blockchain seeks to develop intelligent contracts at low cost and quickly in its platform. NEO has investors behind this ecosystem as the largest Chinese company ALIBABA and the central bank of China that financially supports this project.

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