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The Dapps – Decentralized Applications

The Dapps – Decentralized Applications
Different names for the same product / system. Dapps are decentralized applications, (Dapp, dApp or DApp) technically a decentralized application is an application that is located in a decentralized network, these decentralized applications have virtual currencies with which they reward their users.

Why do Dapp reward system users? Users are rewarded for providing computing power.

Decentralized applications do not need an intermediary to function. Dapp uses the chain of blocks (Blockchian) This allows users and providers to connect directly without having any type of intermediary.

The main characteristics of the Dapps are:

They use Blockchain.

They do not need an intermediary.

Open Source.

They do not have a central point of failure.

Reward to the users.

The main platform that manages to create decentralized applications is Ethereum. According to your Whitepaper you can divide the Dapps into three types.

Apps that manage money
Applications where money is treated but other pieces are essential
Applications with government systems and voting
Dapps that manage money: A user needs to exchange a cryptocurrency to be able to resolve a contract with another user, using the distributed nodes of the network.

Dapps that need other pieces: This type of application mixes money (virtual coins) with information outside the Blockchain.

Dapps with voting and governments: This type of decentralized applications have the name of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) This is the most ambitious of all applications because it seeks to form a company without leaders, where the same program imposes rules on how members they can vote and how they can release the funds.

Different decentralized applications already exist, the vast majority of these are created under the protocols of Ethereum and Bitcoin. Possibly in the future we can see the Dapps being created under other types of protocols.

The most known Dapps so far are (Source Wikipedia)

Augur – prediction market
Basic Attention Token – digital advertising network
Cryptokitties – virtual game based on blockchain
OmiseGO: open payment platform and decentralized exchange

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