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Thomson Reuters joins the cryptocurrency market

Thomson Reuters will begin to provide data and quotes on the main cryptocurrencies.

One of the largest news and information providers for professional markets has just joined CryptoCompare, a cryptographic tracking resource.

According to the announcement to the market, CryptoCompare will provide Reuters with the data of the main 50 cryptocurrencies, the objective of the largest provider of financial data is to provide a data platform for professionals who want to enter the world of virtual currencies.

Sam Chadwick, director of innovation strategy and blockchain at Thomson Reuters, said:
Despite the decline in the price of many of the leading cryptocurrencies during 2018, we continue to see an increasing demand from our customers for price coverage of the leading names.
CryptoCompare provides real-time information on more than 5,000 trading pairs and almost 2,000 cryptocurrencies or cryptographic assets. It is working to close the gap between cryptographic assets and traditional finance.

A few months ago Thomson Reuters Sentiment Gauge came to light, this is a Bitcoin sensitivity meter used by cryptocurrency investors.

Reuters will not be the only company to provide data and information in real time on the cryptocurrency market, the Bloomberg medium has already begun to provide information in its digital medium and its Market Information Software already provides information and data on the main cryptocurrencies.
On the other hand, investors believe that Reuters in this way is validating the market for digital currencies, like Bloomberg.
It is a few months before the National Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States (SEC) decides in favor of or against the bitcoin ETF, if it fails in favor of the ETF, it will be available at the beginning of 2019.

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