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¿Nostradamus predicted cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin?

¿Nostradamus predijo las criptomonedas y el Bitcoin?

Nostradamus was born in France on December 14, 150 and died on July 2, 1566. His real name is Michael Nostradame, however he was known as Nostradamus.
This psychic was also well known for being a doctor who saved thousands of lives during the black plague that hit Europe leaving millions dead. His most important book is “The Prophecies” this prophetic work was published in the year 1555 and to this day is still valid.

Nostradamus knew how to predict Hitler and the first and second world wars, like so many prophecies that were fulfilled with time.

¿Nostradamus predicted cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin?

Among the prophecies about the economy the prophet Nostradamus was very direct … “The rich will die many times” – “The economy will collapse” – “China will be the new superpower” – “People will refuse to extinguish taxes”.

Among the thousands of prophecies in the book of Nostradamus are possibly the best known, the visionary sees a collapsed economy, which possibly makes China become the superpower that is today the United States.

Nostradamus also refers to a society denied taxes, which clearly would be the collapse of the capitalist economy, since taxes serve to maintain the status quo of modern civilization.

Does Nostradamus refer to cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin? No, however, in several prophetic quatrains he emphasizes a new world economy and absolute power on the part of China.

It is known that the United States has a large public debt, and the largest creditor of this country is the republic of China, however the United States continues to have absolute control over its economy and has the backing of its monetary base.

China continues to buy gold and bonds from the United States since 2010, but it is not the only country that does so, it is believed that the purchase of gold is due to the fact that the yuan happened to take place in the currency basket and that it needs Strong support in these assets, as do the dollar and the euro.

Among the important news of recent weeks the CEO of Ripple, the financial company that uses Blockchain to make international money orders, declared that China is the largest buyer of cryptocurrencies in the world, and that it is one of the countries that has the most Bitcoin.

Is there a possibility that China will boost the digital currency market? The United States, like many other countries in the world, still does not regulate one of the largest emerging markets in the world, while China and other Asian countries are doing the opposite. There is a possibility that the regulation and the legal framework of digital currencies will be undertaken by the Asian country in order to encourage another of the financial assets that are most used by civilians in recent years.

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